Energy Risk Report | For Energy Buyers

The only electricity markets analysis created specifically to help professional energy buyers make well informed decisions for their companies:

  • detailed price forecasts through 2017
  • risk alerts and buying recommendations
  • national electricity overview
  • regional electricity report on every ISO in the country
  • national natural gas summary
  • by energy markets expert Andy Weissman

Sapphire | For Producers and Traders

Our fast and reliable natural gas price forecast calculator:

  • correctly assesses natural gas prices under any given weather, supply and demand scenarios – from now through the end of 2016
  • calculates natural gas burn and storage, coal displacement, and electricity demand
  • lets users create unlimited scenarios
  • generates accurate results within minutes
  • easy to use with any Web browser
  • use on PC, Mac or tablets

EBW MarketPro | For Producers, Buyers and Traders

Use Energy Risk Report and Sapphire together or separately to stay informed about the real-life impacts of new power plant restrictions on energy pricing:

  • Clean Air Act standards and EPA rules
  • President Obama’s Climate Action Plan
  • FERC oversight and enforcement
  • planned coal-fired generation retirements
  • Mercury Air and Toxics Standards (MATS)
  • Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR)
  • carbon capture and sequestration (CCS)

EBW has teamed up with GDF SUEZ Energy to assist buyers with pricing information and recommendations. Use Energy Risk Report to better understand price drivers and fluctuations, negotiate using EBW's expert assessments, and to develop better models. Special offer available to commercial and industrial customers.

Energy Risk Report is the only analysis made for professional energy buyers. Get GDF SUEZ promo.

Energy Risk Report + Sapphire: complementary tools for transparency and insight into energy market pricing. Use together or separately.

See our monthly plans and pricing at a glance, or click below to select from available options tailored to energy buyers, producers, large users, and traders:

  • Basic: Energy Risk Report – $155
  • Premium: Energy Risk Report + Sapphire – $245
  • Premium Plus: Energy Risk Report + Sapphire + Private Consultation with Senior Analyst – $495
  • Enterprise: unlimited access to Sapphire + Private Consultation with Senior Analyst – $650

Questions? Contact us or give us a call at 1-202-654-4586. Our friendly Customer Care Team is available Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm Eastern time. Click here for GDF SUEZ promo.

EBW is committed to empower you in your decision-making process by giving you the analysis, information and tools you need to help ensure that your risk management processes are sound.

Producers, buyers, users and traders trust our analysis and recommendations to:

  • assess impacts of weather on natural gas and electricity prices
  • project natural gas storage levels
  • forecast electricity demand
  • gain more certainty when making natural gas production decisions
  • get an insider's advice on the price trajectory of natural gas

Led by energy expert Andy Weissman, EBW's institutional research publications, energy price forecasting model, and consulting services spot and explain the important trends that move today’s energy markets. Learn more.

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